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If You Want The Best, Hire The Best

Dan and the guys & gal did landscaping all around our house. They installed edging so I could mow the lawn without hitting the landscaping stones and brought variety of plants for around the house. If you want the best hire the best.

-Jack Yuds


Best Quality Nursery Stock

The best quality nursery stock with really great service

-Gavin Feucht

Best Shrubs And Advice

The best for both shrubs​ and advice.

-Kellie Jacob

The Best

Nothing but the best!!!!!

-Lisa Jean Wanie

Our trees, landscaping shrubs, and lawn all look amazing.

We are so happy that we trusted Rens Nursery with our lawn and landscaping at our new home. Our trees, landscaping shrubs, and lawn all look amazing. Dan and his crew were professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I would definitely recommend Rens Nursery for all your landscaping needs!

-Ryan and Ashley Hopp

Look no further than Rens Nursery Retail

We have known the Rens and McGurk families, owners of Rens Nursery Retail, for many years, and there is nowhere else we would rather go for all of our landscape needs.  I was a past employee of Rens Nursery Retail, starting at age fifteen, and worked for the business through my college years.  Dan McGurk was my boss then and I witnessed how hard he worked to meet the needs of the customer, detailing each landscaping job to the desires of the customer.  The same holds true today; the landscape designs are top-notch and the tree and plant quality has always been second to none.


We have owned two homes in the Waupun area and have purchased every landscape plant and tree from Rens Nursery Retail.  Dan McGurk and his son, Daniel, have stood behind every plant that they’ve sold to us and we have never been disappointed.  We have received so many compliments on the quality and beauty of the plants we have in our landscaping.  Dan and his son, Daniel, have provided helpful advice through the years when we had challenging areas on our property to landscape and their plant knowledge never ceases to amaze us.  They have even provided helpful advice by recommending certain tree varieties for our hunting land to maximize our hunting opportunities.


If you are looking to landscape your home or even find great trees for your hunting land, look no further than Rens Nursery Retail.  Stop in to see Dan and we can assure you, you won’t be disappointed!  They are the best in the business and have served the Waupun area for many years.  Rens Nursery is here to stay and will back their designs, plants and trees to ensure your landscape needs are met.

-Ted and Jessica Sullivan

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